Zack Ryder Bro Busters Custom Figure

Bro Bustin!

So I finally got around to doing a Zack Ryder Bro Bustin figure repaint! I absolutely loved the attire, but then again I am biased. I am the same guy that drove around with a 3 foot wide Ghostbusters 2 Logo on the hood of his truck for years (RIP Blue Meanie – the truck, not the wrestler).

So what took me so long to do it? Time, Fear, lack of skill. All of the above. I’m still very new to the customizing game, and to be honest, most customizers would not call a repaint custom work – but this is my website so dammit, I’m a customizer. I had to make the Bro Busters logo in photoshop – the ones that pop up online when searched are not like the ones he actually wore on RAW.  I also learned the hard way that it is good to keep a good variety of paint on hand. I had to mix up a few different paints to get the trunk colors and even the purple on his shoes lol. Luckily I had a Red and a Turquise – yes, that is correct, I didn’t have a Blue.

All in all it was a fun little project.  I will be finishing it off with a Milliput headband in the morning – other than that, I think he is good to go.

He is already up on eBay – I would love to keep him, but Rent needs to get paid. Sadly.


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