WWE Script Leaks online, Dolph Ziggler foresees Unification match

OK, so one of the big WWE news stories of the week was the Royal Rumble ’13 script leak. It was a pretty basic script with time allowances and credits. It doesn’t have the winners and losers lined out like most folks would think, nor the big spots for the match. The only thing that it really goes into detail with are the scripted interviews. These were my favorite part of the script (mainly because that was the only thing of interest on it). It was pretty crazy seeing exactly how much of what the Superstars and Divas say is scripted, and honestly, makes me miss the days when a lot of the interviews were done ad-lib or based on ‘outlines’.

Anyhoo, my favorite exerpt was from the interview script of none other than “The Show-Off” Dolph Ziggler.

“I’m going to Cash In on my Money in the Bank Contract, win the World Title, then I’m going to challenge the WWE Champion at WrestleMania and become the Undisputed Unified WWE and World Heavyweight Champion on the grandest stage of them all!”

Fast forward almost a year, and a Unification Match for the WWE and World Title is fast approaching at TLC. Having it with John Cena and Randy Orton is ok and all, but that matchup is just so stale already. We’ve seen them wrestle each other so many times in the past that yet ANOTHER match between the two just seems like old news. I would have much rather seen something like that which was outlined in the above quote, even if not with Dolph. It would create excitement and give the WWE a much needed and fresh “what if?” factor.

Imagine if, after Daniel Bryan was screwed over at Hell In A Cell, he was put into a program with Del Rio. Instead of facing the Wyatt’s in a tag match at Survivor Series, he’d be facing off against Del Rio for the World Title. Orton still hangs on to the WWE Strap while the World Heavyweight Championship gets built into the “People’s Championship” in the minds of the fans. By now, of course, Orton is old news as WWE Champion, pretty much just keeping the title warm for Cena when he returns. Daniel Bryan is seen as a definite World Champion, but alludes to a thirst for something more.

What if Bryan was the one to bring up the issue of an Undisputed Champion? And challenge Cena to the match at Survivor Series or TLC. They could have dragged it out to Royal Rumber, or, even better, WrestleMania 30. Being the huge milestone that WMXXX will be, adding a REAL Unification Match to it would have been epic. Instead, they are wasting it on a gimmick PPV. Even if it is a swerve and no “real’ champion is crowned at TLC (all the guarantees Triple H is making makes me doubt it a bit), WWE is blowing the wad on the match way too soon. WMXXX would have been ideal for a match of this magnitude….and NOT a rematch for it.


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