WWE Referee Accessory Pack

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Ok, so I love my Elite and Basic WWE Action Figures. Love Them! You can ask my lady, she hates when I head into the toy aisle because I always leave with doubles or triples that end up sitting in the back room “gaining value.”

I’ve always felt the polar opposite when it came to any other WWE Action Figure lines. Those “punch and kick” action Strikers figures…eww. I still cringe when I walk through the clearance aisle lock eyes with the Sheamus figure that’s been sitting there for 4 years. I especially hated when they added those little red LED’s to them. There were some stretchy ones a while back that I really hated too. Anyhoo, you can imagine how I felt when I first saw the Create-A-Superstar line in stores. I stood there, exhaled, shook my head and mumbled “wow.” I should have known this was the next ‘kids’ line that was coming, because I had seen the same type of toys from Ninja Turtles and Marvel.

Anyhoo, today I saw that Mattel has released accessory packs in the Create-A-Superstar line. I have wanted Accessory packs for Yeeeaaarrrs! Literally! I always wondered why I couldn’t head into Toys R Us and pick up a back of figure belts, weapons or t-shirts. I mean, I KNOW the reason I couldn’t (they gotta sell those updated figures and include the weapons with the Elites), but I always just wanted this. I know I am probably getting ahead of myself, but I am super excited about the first one they released!

It’s an accessory set that most figure collector’s do not have and could really benefit from. The set includes a WWE Referee shirt (sleeveless, plastic), an HD Camera accessory, a microphone accessory, Timekeeper’s Bell Accessory and a Silver Briefcase! I know the Referee shirt alone is a sought after item. You can finally recreate “Special Referee” matches without having to track down limited edition figures using a generic/knock off ref. This is pretty much a Money In the Bank guest referee match set!

You can find it right here on Amazon! If you enjoyed the read, please help support us at no extra cost by getting your figures through our Amazon store!

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