WWE Elimination Chamber return costs, surprise and more

Mike Killam at WrestleZone.com reports on WWE’s decision to bring back the Elimination Chamber in a surprise move as announced on RAW:

“While the May 31st Corpus Christi show was originally set to be a house show, it’s likely they will bring out the full stage set-up as Raw is in San Antonio the following night. The costs of doing a show on the Network will be significantly lower than running a standard PPV. Because there’s no buyrates to consider, the talent probably gets paid slightly less, they don’t burn money on the actual PPV feed itself, and the company gets to sell subscriptions based on one of the highest selling events of the year.

The decision to run a surprise show on the last day of the month is actually pretty ingenious, as the WWE Network is free during the month of May to new subscribers, who will be charged for the month of June just a few hours after the show goes off the air. ”

Read the whole article at WrestleZone.com

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