WWE Dublin Results

Mathew Macklin over at PWInsider.com posted a lengthy live report going over the Dublin, Ireland 11/4 WWE Show. Here I will try to section it off and run through it. If you enjoy it and want to help us out, please make your wrestling figure purchases through our Amazon Store.

The show was held at The 3 Arena and was about 90% full with an all ages audience present. (For those wondering, the Arena holds about 14,500 at capacity)

Ric Flair welcomed the fans to WWE Live and announced the main event of Seth Rollins vs. Kane in a No Holds Barred match. He left and was not seen again.

Cesaro d. The Miz
Cesaro entered to a huge reaction, he and The Miz put on a match that seemed to be an elongated version of their Raw match. Good counters with both wrestlers teasing their signature moves. When Cesaro finally got Miz into the Swing, he spun at least 30 times to the crowd’s delight. The defeat for the Miz came when he tapped out to the Sharpshooter.

Post Match: Curtis Axel enters and kisses the crowds behind, but aligns himself with The Miz. Big Show Enters and we have a two on one match.

Big Show d. Curtis Axel and The Miz
The Big Show was over with the crowd and won quickly with a double chokeslam.

R-Truth d Bo Dallas
Nothing special in this match. Truth pinned Bo after Bo failed to grab the ropes on a sunset flip.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The New Day d The Dudley Boys. Both teams received big reactions from the crowd, with Big E and the New Day standing out with their antics. The finish came when Kofi Kingston rolled up Bubba Ray Dudley after a distraction from Woods.

Post Match: Xavier Woods received a 3-D (no table)

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Dolph Ziggler d. Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae
It was an awesome match. Great chemistry in the ring and Summer Rae did well ringside. Ziggler’s hair was straightened. Both wrestlers landed Superkicks and their finishers for near falls. The finish came when Summer Rae distracted Breeze by getting herself ejected. Dolph hit another Superkick and the Zig Zag to take home the win.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte d. Brie Bella & Alicia Fox w/ Paige as the referee.
Becky was super-over in the match. Fans had been awaiting her entrance all night, but she came out with Charlotte to Flair’s music. Becky got a hot tag during the match and defeated Brie with the Disarmer. After the match Beck’y music played for a bit before it was changed to Charlotte’s.

Match of the Night:
Finn Balor d. Sheamus
Both men received massive crowd reactions. It is the first time these men have faced each other, Sheamus played the villain. Spots included a Balor dive over the top and Balor countering a Brogue Kick into a Slingblade. Sheamus returned with a Brogue Kick and got a near fall that kept the fans at the edge of their seats. Balor was able to win after catching Sheamus with a sunset flip.

Poast Match: Sheamus raises Finn’s hand. The Crowd loved it.

WWE Championship – No Holds Barred
Seth Rollins d Kane.
Kane received a mediocre reaction. Seth Rollins was possibly injured while attempting a sunset flip powerbomb. When his legs hit the mat he fell and favored his knee. After a while he was able to Powerbomb Kane through a table. Seth won by pinfall after a pedigree onto a chair.

Post Match: Seth Rollins was helped to the back seeemingly unable to place any weight on it.

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