Wrestling News July 9 2015

Paige and AJ LeeHere is the list of today’s News July 9 2015 Rumors and some comments.

    • Paige and AJ Lee met up for some Coffee and got #FreaksAndGeeks trending for a day. I miss AJ Lee. That is all.
    • Chris Jericho tweeted out that the new season of Tough Enough has hit its “highest numbers yet” That’s good – but next year let’s bring back the format that Austin had during his season of Tough Enough. Let the coaches be the judges.
    • Seth Rollins did not appear at San Diego Comic Con as scheduled because he was off shooting a commercial for WWE2K16. He didn’t sell out. He bought in.
    • WWE’s Stock high was $16.96 per share and the low was $15.76. If I had stock in WWE I might have made a few dollars today.
    • William Regal spoke at the Mattel panel at Comic Con and confirmed that Kevin Owens will get a rematch against Finn Balor for the NXT Championship. The match is set for NXT Takeover:Brooklyn on Sat August 22nd. More Owens & Balor. Yes please!
    • Jeff Jarret revealed that the GFW tv show will be titled AMPED. IMPACT was taken.
    • Sheamus is the first person in WWE History to grab 200 TV singles victories. That’ll happen when you have to wrestle on all the B, C, and D shows every week.

  • USA Network is not too happy with WWE at the moment. They believe inerest in wrestling is winding down and that Tough Enough is not engaging the audience enough. Their specific issues with Tough Enough are that the past season with Steve Austin was more gripping and the live/taped format isn’t giving fans enough to grab on to. I agree on the whole. Raw is too long, both shows need better writing, and Austin’s TE was better.
  • Speaking of Tough Enough, Maven (winner of first Tough Enough) will be making his return to pro wrestling at Curt Hawkins’ Create-A-Pro show/promotion on July 19. Aww, look at that Maven needs money. I liked Maven, but hated when he started doing his eyebrows.
  • JR on that leaked WWE announcer script: “Man, I’m getting some really asinine questions about the WWE announcer’s memo that has been going around the internet. I’m having a hard time understanding the fascination with this document.” Me too JR, it was old and not that interesting.
  • During the taping for next week’s TE an altercation between Patrick and Mada. Some in attendance noted that Josh and Tanner also got involved and things got so heated that the production team had to step in to break it up. This was leaked because this past week’s TE rated high and they know the fight got people talking.
  • John Laurinaitis is the mastermind behind the production of WWE’s “Beast in the East” WWE Network exclusive show. He purposely catered to the local audience to give it that Japanese flair. Excellent Work, People Power bro.
  • Vince Russo on Triple H in an interview with Ring Rust Radio:  “I only had one instance working with him that he really disappointed me. He straight out didn’t want to do a job to D’Lo Brown and I really had an issue with that. I never read or followed in any of that stuff about him, but I was very disappointed when I almost went back to WWE back in 2002 and found out more or less Triple H was not in my corner after all I did for him. Fast forward twelve years later and you see the position he is in and Stephanie is in and now it makes all the sense in the world. If you eventually want the power, then you want to keep a guy away like a Vince Russo away who from a creative stand point is going to produce better content and better TV than you can. A Vince Russo is a better writer and went to school for writing to be a writer and knows the art of writing. When that happened in 2002 and I learned he was working behind the scenes to keep me out of the WWE, I would be lying to you if I told you my opinion of him did not change.” A further summary can be found at Rajah.com Looks like the rumors of Triple H being political on his way to the top were true. Next.
  • Dixie Carter announced on Twitter that she nor her ‘nephew’ will be in charge of TNA at next weeks IMPACT. Is it Jeff Jarret? Please don’t let it be Jeff Jarret.

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