Wrestling News July 29 2015

What’s up everyone! Welcome to the wrestling news July 29 2015 Edition. Lots of information to go through today, so let’s take a look and see what’s happenin’

  • Layla has announced that she has officially retired “LAYLA: I feel like deciding to retire from the ring has been a hard decision to make because I’m passionate and I love performing. I’ve known everybody in that company now for nine years. They’re family. I spend more time with crew and Superstars and Divas on the roster than I did with anybody else. It becomes part of your life. And not only that, it’s hard walking away from the fans. Part of me feels a little bit guilty for walking away because [WWE fans] are 100 percent loyal and have supported me since 2006. I wouldn’t even have this job if the fans didn’t vote in the Diva Search. I was able to win that competition because of them and I was blessed. But sometimes you just need to step out and take a risk and move onto the next phase in life.”
  • According to TMZ, Hulk Hogan is blaming Gawker for releasing the tapes/transcipt of he sex tape/
  • Lebron James let out a loose packages : Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Ric Flair and Legion of Doom
  • BookerT will be hitting on the topic of racism on his next Podcast
  • The rumors of Sting participating at SummerSlam seem to be falling apart at the seams. PWInsider reports that despite being in the area, WWE has no plans for using him.
  • Erick Bischoff on the Hulk Hogan Story:

    “Well, first of all, I think WWE handled it the only way they could. In the entertainment business, especially when you’re a publicly held company, you have to be sensitive not only to your audience, but you have to be sensitive to your advertisers. You have to be sensitive to your business partners.”

    “You have to be sensitive and respectful of so many different people within the business of the entertainment business that you have to be responsible and you have to take responsible action, and I think that’s exactly what WWE did. I don’t see how they possibly could have kept Hulk in the position that Hulk was in as a quote-unquote ambassador of their company with the kind of horrible publicity that is surrounding him now and will like surround him for quite awhile given everything that is going on.”

  • The latest edition of Jim Ross’ “Ross Report” WWE Tough Enough’s Patrick Clark. You can download the show right now at PodcastOne.com.
  • WWE Stiduios have acquired the rights for The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, starring Shawn Micheals.
  • JTG spoke with WrestlingInc.com about the issue of racism in pro wrestling, among other topics.”The former Crime Time member spoke on the gimmick: “Well, there’s two aspects to the Cryme Tyme gimmick. There’s the look of the characters. At first, I didn’t want to do it. My original partner was Abraham Washington. He called me up when we were in amateur class in OVW. He said we had an amateur show coming up, and he said if we were trying to get signed we needed to come out with bulletproof vests, fitted hats, a whole bunch of chains. We should wrestle in jeans and Timberlands. I said absolutely not, it’s too stereotypical, and I already bought tights and wrestling boots. He talked me in to it, and we did the amateur show. We blew the roof off at the amateur show. The characters, me and Shad came up with that. We did some vignettes down in OVW after we won the titles. Our trainer Al Snow said ‘you don’t have to wrestle every week to get over, do something to get your characters over, show some personality.’ Shad and I went out on your own and put those vignettes together that you saw on WWE. It was two different vignettes, but with WWE there was better production.”
  • In other TNA Title Change news, Bobby Roode (representing TNA) defeated PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) to become the new King Of The Mountain Champion. More  GFW vs. TNA spoilers for you: Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett cut “shoot promos” on each other. This led to Carter announcing a “Winner Takes All” Lethal Lockdown match for Impact Wrestling tapings with the winner taking all of TNA’s shares and controlling the company. The match will be Team GFW vs. Team TNA’s Bobby Lashley, Drew Galloway and The Wolves.
  • Becky Lynch did not take part in a match against Nikki Bella on Smackdown as advertised. Instead, Lynch took on Brie Bella on Main Event.
  • Finn Balor took to Twitter to congratulate Hideo Itami for getting his driver’s license on the 27th attempt.<br?


  • Since Hulk Hogan’s contract with WWE has been terminated, he will no longer be taking part in the Australian Tour from August 6 through 8th. He was originally scheduled to be the GM for those shows. He was replaced with WWE Legend and Fellow Hall of Famer, Shawn Micheals.



  • Mick Foley has announced that Monday August 3rd shall be “Sandow Appreciation Day” Foley encourages fans to share stories, photos, artwork, and video with the hashtag #SandowAppreciationDay

  • The TNA vs. Global Force Wrestling invasion angle continued in a big way at the TNA Impact Wrestling television taping in Orlando, Florida.SPOILER: Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) and Trevor Lee defeated The Wolves to become the new TNA Tag-Team Champions.


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