Wrestling News for July 22 2015

Hey Everyone and welcome to the WrestleToys Wrestling news for July 22 2015.

  • WWE has announced that NXT Diva Dasha Fuentes is the newest member of the NXT announcing team. She will be conducting backstage interviews at each NXT taping to be aired on the WWE Network. Sooner or later she will be back in the ring, especially with the current crop of NXT Divas being called up.
  • WWE Diva Natalya training with former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett in catch-wrestling and helping some of the Four Horsewomen get ready for pro wrestling matches. This isn’t the first time that Nattie has trained with Mixed Martial Artists, as she has trained many times in the past with The Four Horsewomen — Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir and Ronda Rousey, as she is trying to learn legitimate submissions and catch-wrestling techniques that will help her in her professional wrestling matches. On top of the fact that it could help her in the ring, she feels that the workouts she has been getting are some of the best conditioning workouts you can do. Nattie is such a hard worker, it is a shame that she has not had more title reigns. Hopefully that will change soon.
  • The WWE Network launched in Malaysia, and it is a regular Cable Channel, not a streaming service. Well, at least it won’t have any buffering issues.
  • The film that John Cena is featured in, Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck finished at number three at the box office for its’ opening weekend, drawing $30,000,000. Industry projections had the film pegged for a $25 million opening weekend, so by those numbers the show already a success. John Cena’s star power is amazing. The Rock, who?
  • Larry Lawler, the older brother of WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, has passed away at the age of 69. Our condolences to the Lawler family.
  • ESPN is contemplating covering WWE’s Summerslam like a major sporting event. As one would imagine, there are plenty for and against the argument of covering the WWE on ESPN. ESPN’s shrinking ratings may be a catalyst for getting WWE promoted / featured on the Network. They cover video games now, they might as well do wrestling as well.
  • The proponent of People Power, John Laurinaitis, has posted a photo on Twitter of Fit Finlay, Sheamus and Becky Lynch smiling for the camera. Fella!



    • Judging by Monday’s RAW, Kevin Owens has been demoted. According to F4WOnline.com, Owens has been dropped to an “upper mid-card position” due to the fact that WWE officials do not see him being on the upper talent level of Cena, Randy Orton or Seth Rollins. Well..there goes Owens. Sorry big guy, looks like you’re gonna take the Daniel Bryan route to the top.
    • In promotion of Daniel Bryan’s New Book, Fox Sports published an article with a couple of snippets – including the story of Bryan and Brie Bella’s first sexual encounter. Read the article here.

On his first time having sex with Brie Bella: “We were naked and about to do our thing when all of a sudden we heard the sound of the door handle turning and then the door popped open. Brie jumped under the covers as Teddy and Sheamus barged into the room, inebriated as can be, wit the ‘Ahhh fella!’ and all that.”

On Blowing up with Triple H after a match with Randy Orton on RAW: “Usually I don’t get super angry, and when I do it’s barely visible. This time, I was furious and I let everyone know it. When I walked through the curtain, I yelled, ‘What the f— is that all about. That’s f—ing bull—-!’ ‘You need to calm down,’ responded Triple H, who had been communicating with the doctor over the headset and called for the match to be stopped. ‘No, you need to calm the f— down,’ I replied. We were up in each other’s faces and both ready to fight.”

  • Deadline.com has released information on The Rock‘s upcoming movie project ‘Rampage’ based on the 1980’s arcade video game. Brad Peyton has signed on to direct the New Line Cinema film about three giant monsters (a gorilla, a wolf and a lizard) that wreak havoc on various cities and landmarks across the United States.Peyton and The Rock just teamed up for San Andreas, which has grossed over $460 million worldwide since it opened on May 29th.The Rock’s character will be “standing in the path” of the three giant monsters and will fight to save the day once again. Rampage begins production in summer 2016 (after Rock finishes Fast & Furious 8) and is scheduled for a 2017 release. I hope that Peyton had his fill of lingering shots of The Rock on San Andreas.
  • Sheamus was on a United Airlines flight that had to be grounded due to Medical Issues. As far as we know, the medical issue was not the result of Sheamus Brogue Kicking someone.

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