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Welcome to the WrestleToys Daily Wrestling News wrap up August 7 2015 Edition!

Looks like we had a slow news day in the wrestling world, so this shall be a short edition. Pro Wrestling Action Figures linked in the names below.

  • PWInsider reports that an NXT Divas tag match was declared a no-contest after Billie Kay appeared to have broken her nose. The tag team match featuring Eva Marie and Dana Brooke vs Carmella and Billie Kay ended with Billie Kay bleeding from the nose – and looking upset about the match being called off. She later posted on Twitter that it was just a nose bleed:

  • New NXT Ring names:
    KC Cassidy/Cassie is now Peyton Royce
    Jessie McKay is now Billie Kay
    Axel Tischer is now Alexander Wolfe
    Mike Rallis is now Riddick Moss
    Lina Fanene is now Nia Jax
    Uhaa Nation is now Apollo Crews
  • Hulk Hogan has been accused of lying while under oath – or obstruction of justice. One of the two. WrestleZone reports the following:
    The Enquirer report notes during a hearing on July 2nd, Gawker attorney Seth Berlin told the judge he had learned Hulk Hogan made statements under oath during both a deposition and a talk with the FBI that are “directly at odds with another.”“So we have a situation… where the key participant, the plaintiff, is telling us one thing under oath and telling the FBI something else,” Berlin wrote.Depending on who Hogan might have lied to, he could be found guilty of either obstruction of justice or perjury. If he lied to the Gawker lawyers he would be guilty of perjury, and if he lied to the FBI he would be guilty of obstruction of justice. Being found guilty of the either of those crimes could be punishable with jail time, and defense attorney Anthony Brooklier had the following to say to the Enquirer:“That’s how Martha Stewart got nailed. It wasn’t insider trading that put her in jail. It was the lie she told to the cops.”
  • Charlotte was the subject of a special video package on WWE SmackDown where she spoke on her career aspirations. She made it clear that she wants to take the Divas to heights they have never been to before, and says that she will one day main event WrestleMania.
  • Lana and Team B.A.D. were on WWE’s Smackdown Fallout:

  • Rajah.com has posted a recap of Jim Ross’ blog:On getting a job as an announcer or referee in WWE: “One would go about getting a TV job at WWE just like any other broadcast entity. They seem to require a college degree in the field now and some outside the wrestling business experience so that candidates can build a reel.”On Scott Hall or Bobby Heenan on The Ross Report: “Scott and I have discussed him coming on the Ross Report and I’m sure that we will some day. Heenan would be a great one, obviously, under more positive circumstances. I’m lucky in that I have no shortage of guests and our podcast is growing every week.”On memories of Roddy Piper: “Just building a relationship with him after we had both been in the business many years before ever meeting. I enjoyed talking about a variety of things with Roddy. He was unique and will be missed.’On if WWE will be able to pull off a four-hour SummerSlam show: “Yes, to varying degrees but some won’t be too through or deep. There is one match at Summer Slam that will sell the show and that is Undertaker vs. Lesnar and the rest is support material with the exception of a potential Rollins Vs Cena title vs. title match.”On why WWE has never hired Mike Tenay: “That would hae been a TV department decision and one that I would not have been in the loop for whatsoever. Mike could have helped WWE in many ways especially now with the WWE Network.”
  • Monday after RAW the WWE Network will be air a 30-minute special looking at the SummerSlam main event titled, “Undertaker vs. Lesnar: One on One.” The show will look back on the feud and will include various WWE talents discussing the upcoming match. WWE’s synopsis reads:

    “Will Undertaker have vengeance or will Brock Lesnar dominate? Watch WWE Superstars break down the highly anticipated SummerSlam matchup!”

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