Wrestling News August 28 2015

How’s it going everyone! Welcome to WrestleToys’ Wrestling News August 28 2015 Edition! Tonight is Friday Night Smackdown! I have had some personal matters to deal with the last couple of days, so I do apologize for not getting the updates up like I have wanted to. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s hit the news and see what has been going on!

      • It looks like Rey Mysterio may be entertaining a deal with WWE in light of Lucha Underground’s future still being decided upon. Apparently there have been ‘casual talks’ between Rey Mysterio and WWE within the last few weeks. Rey Rey has been working in Mexico’s AAA promotion and was to sign a deal with Lucha Underground, but since LU’s future is still unknown, Rey has warmed up to a WWE deal.
      • Regarding more ‘talks’ WWN Live’s Gabe Sapolsky and Sal Hamaoui were in attendance at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn as guests of WWE. No deal is in place between the parties, but WWE is definitely interested in signing the two.
      • It is rumored that WWE officials have had discussions about introducing a female wrestler to bring the Sister Abigail character to TV. It should be noted that this topic has been brought up many times before.
      • For those wondering, King Barrett was written off of WWE TV so that he can film the WWE Studios film, Eliminators.
      • A Twitter response from the Dudley Boyz to Big E.



    • It looks as though WWE has been fudging the numbers again. For the 3 shows emanating from the Barclay’s Center, the arena was set up to hold a max of 13,438 seats for each show. WWE touted over 15,000 in attendance per show.



    • A video package aired during NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn hyping up the debut of Nia Jax. Nia Jax is the latest member of The Rock’s family to enter the WWE. She is his cousin and a former collegiate basketball player. It is being said that she is one of the largest women’s wrestlers WWE has ever signed, even drawing comparisons to Awesome Kong.



    • The Dudley Boyz will be making their return to Madison Square Garden (their last appearance at The Garden was at WrestleMania XX) at the  October 3rd WWE live event that is also scheduled to be aired on the WWE Network. The show will also feature Brock Lesnar vs Bo Dallas, and Chris Jericho returning to action.



    • The upcoming Chris Benoit biopic, “Crossface” seems to have secured actor Liev Schreiber to play the role of the former World Champion.



  •   No longer just an insider term, “kayfabe” has officially been added to the Oxford Dictionary.

    noun (In professional wrestling) the fact or convention of presenting staged performances as genuine or authentic: a masterful job of blending kayfabe and reality he’s not someone who can break kayfabe and talk about the business [AS MODIFIER]: I heard that AJ approached him to rehearse a kayfabe segment


    • WWE Legends Jim Ross and Howard Finkel have been confirmed for the upcoming WWE 2K16 video game, in Showcase Mode



  • Lance Storm has posted to his Q&A section about the Divas Revolution failing.



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