Wrestling News August 25 2015 Edition

How’s it going everyone and welcome to the WrestleToys.com Wrestling News August 25 2015 Edition! Holy hell it was a major weekend for wrestling, wasn’t it? And Raw! It completely had that Raw after WrestleMania feel to it!

I really don’t do show reviews, but as far as the Pay Per Views, NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn was the better show. That Bayley vs Sasha Banks match was an epic bout, Divas or otherwise – and Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor delivered in droves. I can see what WWE was trying to do with the Lesnar and Taker match, but I think the placement of the match hindered it.

I’m usually ok with PPV shows that end with a question mark – those are made to get you to watch Raw – but the execution on this one was kind of off. If they had gone on earlier and let it digest a bit more I think the show would have benefitted from it. For comparison, I enjoyed watching Seth Rollins win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and US Championship match against John Cena a lot more, so I would have put that as the main event. Yes, I just said I would have put a Cena match as the main event. Sorry, but it is less about Cena and more about having Seth Rollins and the World Title as the main event, as well as allowing the other match to have gone on the way it did.

Raw was great, we got to see the re-debut of the Dudley Boyz and the evolution of a Rose bud! I have a feeling that the former Rose Bud will be pushed further than Adam Rose ever was, poor guy. John Cena showed some saltiness, which I was a fan of – and we got to see the return of Sting in a WWE ring. I’m not a fan of the fact that WWE is putting him in the World Title picture after he lost to Triple H 6 months ago, but whatever.

So, to the news:

  • The Dudley Boyz have returned to WWE after 10 years! They have already been comfirmed for a match on SmackDown! It looks as though the Dudley Boyz have signed Multi-Year deals, but that has not been confirmed. It is being said that almost nobody backstage knew they were at Monday Night Raw until they went to the Gorilla Position before heading to the ring. Obviously, some of the crew was aware, as the Dudley Boyz had music, pyro and merchandise ready to go.

Devon shared his excitement on Twitter:

  • Xavier Woods  posted a message on Facebook explaining how big of a moment it was for him when he took a 3-D through a table from the Dudley Boyz on Raw:

    “If you’re not a wrestler this may be hard to understand,” Woods said. “Tonight I took a 3D from the Dudley Boyz through a table in front of a sold out crowd in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center after I played trombone during our entrance and my boys sang our remake of Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York.’ This is honestly one of the best moments of my life.


    • After Raw, Triple H announced that the Night of Champions main event will be Seth Rollins vs Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (US Title will not be up for grabs in the match). We have no idea where this will leave Cena. With regard to Seth Rollins being a double champion, the current plan is to actually have Seth pull double duty and defend the US Championship in one match and the World Heavyweight Championship in another. If this sounds familiar, it is because Ring of Honor did the same thing with Jay Lethal as the ROH World Champion and the ROH TV Champion.
    • WWE successfully sold out the Barclays Center three nights in a row, at 15,597 fans at each show.
    • SummerSlam drew over a million searches on Google, making it the second most searched term for the day.
    • Due to the Brooklyn crowd’s less than enthusiastic reactions on Raw, several Divas took to social media to share their displeasure with the audience. Brie Bella: “So proud of my Foxy @thefoxxyone but the Brooklyn crowd can kiss my ass! #wwe #raw #teambella #divarevolution”


Paige tweeted the following, but deleted it: “You helped us create change and then did your best to disrespect. Niceeeee jobbbbbbbb!”


Nikki Bella: “Where’s my shorts?! Haha #TeamBella rises! Oh and WWE Brooklyn shame on you for disrespecting women that put their bodies on the line for your entertainment. As for the ones that supported us, THANK YOU! You make it worth working so hard and having this revolution! 💋💪🏽 #FearlessNikki #BellaArmy #TeamBella #BrieMode #FoxyBella #DivasRevolution”


On the other hand, those in transition from NXT to the Main Roster:


Becky Lynch: “Well Brooklynch. I’ll love you and leave you. You were a beautiful boisterous bunch. #RAW”


Charlotte: “Only adds fuel to my flair. #Raw”

  • Spaking of the Bellas, there was a rumor floating around that Cena intervened when there were plans to remove the Divas Title from Nikki Bella. According to the Wrestling Observer Radio show, Dave Meltzer claimed that he did not know if there was any truth to the rumors. He did acknowledge that the relationship between Nikki and Cena is in fact part of why Nikki has had such a long title run. Regarding Cena squashing plans to get the title on Charlotte, those rumors, as mentioned above, are unconfirmed – but entirely possible. John Cena has spoken up in the past when it comes to Nikki losing the Divas Championship.
  • WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently let out on Twitter than he had a hair transplant, and that it has improved his self-esteem. As far as what is next for the Legend? To Quit Smoking “Now going after the toughest demon left in my life. Ashamed to say it but I’ve been a prisoner (although willing) of cigarettes. Let’s go!!!”
  • Japanese wrestling Journalist Enuhito has noted that WWE signed 33-year-old women’s wrestler Kanna (she was shown at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn sitting next to Sgt. Slaughter and Ric Flair). Matt Boone at Rajah.com points out that she normally spells her name with one “N” but the on-screen graphic had it spelled with Two, which could be another sign that she has signed with WWE.
  • New Videos from WWE 2K16 video game have been released:

  • Stephen Amell and WWE raised over $400,000 for Emily House charity by selling 15,694 t-shirts that they produced. Stardust advised on Twitter last week that he would personally deliver the check if they sold over 10K Shirts.
  • The Rock shared a tweet looking back at his own SummerSlam match against Brock Lesnar:

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