Wrestling News August 22 2015

Hello guys and welcome to the WrestleToys Wrestling News August 22 2015 Edition! I hope all you guys enjoyed NXT TakeOver:Brooklyn! I won’t be posting the results, in case any of you guys haven’t seen it yet. Let’s get into the news:

    • WWE has issued a press release regarding the NXT Brand going on tour:
      STAMFORD, Conn., August 22, 2015 – WWE (NYSE: WWE) announced today that, for the first time in history, NXT will embark on a seven city tour of the United Kingdom from Thursday, December 10th through Wednesday, December 16, 2015.NXT’s tour of the United Kingdom will include the following locations:· December 10: Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle· December 11: The SSE Hydro in Glasgow· December 12: Sheffield Arena in Sheffield

      · December 13: Empress Ballroom in Blackpool

      · December 14: Capital FM Arena in Nottingham

      · December 15: Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff

      · December 16: The SSE Wembley Arena in London

    • Speaking of NXT, a bunch of stars and future stars were in the crowd for the Brooklyn show, including The Wolfpac, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman whom were sitting ringside and shown on camera. Music Mogul Rick Rubin was ringside, as were the Tough Enough finalists Josh, ZZ, Amanda and Sara Lee.
    • Mick Foley had this to say on his Facebook page regarding NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and SummerSlam.


      With so much going on, in so many places, involving people who have meant so much to me on a professional or personal level, I feel inclined to just congratulate the business itself for standing strong and delivering great matches and shows on so may different levels. From the towering achievement of WWE NXT #TakeoverBrooklyn selling out the Barkley’s Center, to one of the most anticipated #SummerSlam events in recent memory, to Jim Ross at the Grammercy Theater, to #ROH doing what they’ve done very well for a very long time, to the huge #ProWrestlingSyndicate show that I’ll be part of TONIGHT in #Sayreville NJ – there seems to be SOMETHING for EVERYONE over the course of the next few days. Check out that #PWS card if you can, featuring Rey Mysterio, Kenny Omega, Jimmy Snuka, myself and many, many more. if you can. Tickets are available at http://realmickfoley.com/
      What are YOU looking forward to the most this weekend? The ladder match with Owens & Balor? A potential classic from the #LegitBoss Sasha Banks in her title defense against Bailey – a match in which I am counting on #Brooklyn to compensate for the disrespectful climate the WWE women faced on WWE Raw last Monday. Or, like many, are you looking forward to Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker – wondering if the payoff can live up to the legendary build.

    • Jim Ross was interviews for the Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard blog, below are some excerpts:

      Between Brock Lesnar and Undertaker: “A brawl is the only way to go for these two. What a great story it would be if both guys try to make their opponent submit. Think of what it would mean for a victory if both men were working for a submission–if the Undertaker continued to go for his gogoplata chokehold, and Lesnar was trying to get the kimura, which is a double wrist lock. Getting your opponent to tap out is the most macho of all the ways to win, and I can see that story woven in there by the announcers.”

      The Divas: “The Divas feuds are lacking structure and a reason to care. The emotional investment is not there yet in this rivalry. Who goes over with nine of them fighting? And how much time do they have? They need two good finishes in this match, and then you need to have Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Paige win. But I don’t know where they’re going with this–they haven’t established any real rivalries yet. They’re on the roster, getting some exposure, but it’s inevitable that some of them are going to have to take out some of their repertoire in a match with nine people.”

      Heel Seth Rollins: “But I sincerely hope there are no plans, somewhere down the road, to turn Rollins babyface. He’s still learning how to be a great heel, and it’s doing a damn good job with it. He’s a student of the game, works hard, and every week he adds another nuance of being a heel. He’s a major block in the foundation, so Cena beating him at SummerSlam is not the right thing to do. Rollins needs to retain the title, even if it’s with the help of plenty of outside interference.”

      You can check out the whole interview at SI.com.

    • Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, a WWE Hall of Famer was a guest on Filsinger Games’ The View podcast and made some anti-WWE Divas remarks:

      “As far as girl wrestling, I would send them all out to the strip bar and fire ’em. I’d fire every girl wrestler I ever saw. They don’t draw any money, they have horrible matches. Uh … they’re terrible. That’s the way I feel. They take away jobs from men that need to support their families. They should be home washing dishes and cooking and pregnant and barefoot.

      I love women … but they gotta realize their place. They’re not supposed to be wrestlers. They’re not supposed to be MMA fighters or boxers. It’s bullshit.”

      You can find the podcast here.

    • Former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is featured in the official promo trailer for the upcoming Madden NFL 16 video game. AJ can be seen at the 10 second, 34 second and 4 minute marks.
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