Wrestling News August 18 2015

How’s it going everyone? Welcome to the Wrestling news recap for today, nicely titled Wrestling News August 18 2015! I had to take a few days off, but now I am back and the posts shall continue. I am contemplating adding regular updates throughout the day, culminating in the “daily recap” post. If you think that’s a good idea, let me know in the comments or hit me up on twitter @WrestleToys.

          • Darren Young posted on his official Instagram page about his character not being gay and how he wouldn’t mind if it was.

            “I’m happy with Darren Young and where he stands in the company at present. Even though my character isn’t gay, I’m still able to express myself in other ways like when I put my arms up into an equal sign. That’s my signature pose and it symbolizes what Darren Young is all about. I’m here, and I do what I do to show everyone that we are all equal. Gay, straight, male, female, whatever your race, if you work hard and stay focused, you can make it to the big leagues! As a proud gay man in the WWE, I’ve always thought my success was entirely due to my skills as an entertainer and wrestler. It had nothing to do with my personal life. This said, I wouldn’t mind if my character turned gay if it’s for the sake of having an intriguing yet tasteful storyline, but I wouldn’t do that switch if the reason is “just to have a gay character”. #blockthehate #spreadtheword #passalong”

          • SyFy has canceled “Haven,” which former WWE Superstar Edge stars in.
          • Mick Foley made a lengthy post on his Facebook regarding the next steo for the Divas Revolution:
            WE NEED A WOMEN’S PIPEBOMBStephanie McMahon did a great job of kicking off the ‪#‎DivaRevolution‬ on July 13. Really, she did. She gave a great, heartfelt introduction to three of the brightest stars on the WWE horizon – ‪#‎Charlotte‬ ‪#‎BeckyLynch‬ and ‪#‎SashaBanks‬. It was a night that literally brought tears of joy to my eyes. So why, just five weeks later, have those tears of joy been replaced by the anger and embarrassment of hearing “we want Lesnar” chants during the Banks/Nikki Bella match?

            Quite simply, we need a women’s pipebomb. Stephanie may have kicked off the #DivaRevolution on WWE Raw – but we need a Diva/woman/female competitor to take that ball and run with it. We can’t just gradually be SHOWN the revolution. WE can’t have the revolution EXPLAINED to us. We need one of the participants to make us FEEL it. We NEED that promo that perfectly captures the time and place, the pride and passion of this revolution. We NEED a CM Punk pipebomb. We NEED that “Austin 3;16 says I just whipped your ass” moment, that Dusty Rhodes “Hard Times” promo – something that hammers home the point to even the densest, drunkest members of the ‪#‎WWEUniverse‬ that times have changed – and chanting for anyone – even if it is a returning hometown hero like Brock Lesnar – while women are working their asses off to entertain them is not just disrespectful, but unacceptable.

            As a wrestling fan, I was embarrassed. As a friend of both participants in the match, I was hurt. In my wrestling days, I would have tapped into those feelings of embarrassment and hurt and let it out in a promo. Often, those promos were effective; in a few cases, they even became iconic. Not once did I feel that one of those promos would have been better served by committee. I know that times have changed, and that the days of sending a superstar out to the ring with just a microphone and a deep-seeded belief in the importance of their message are largely over. But why not take a chance and let one of the women walk out to the ring with that same opportunity I was given? The same opportunity Punk was given…and Austin…and Dusty…and Flair…and Funk – and so many of the masters of the microphone who won us over with their passion, while not giving a damn about grammar, sentence structure, witty retorts and back and forth banter. John Cena was given the ball last night, and took it in for that figurative touchdown. Heyman is almost other-worldly in his conversion ratio. I honestly don’t know if any of the women can deliver on the microphone with the effectiveness of a Cena or a Heyman. But they deserve the chance to try. All I am saying, is ‪#‎GiveDivasaChance‬.

            The rest can be read here.

          • BookerT tweeted out that there will be a huge announcement coming soon regarding his “Reality of Wrestling” promotion.
          • After Raw from Minneapolis there was no dark match. Brock Lesnar thanked his hometown crowd and vowed to defeat the Undertaker at SummerSlam.
          • Michael Bluth over at Rajah.com posted a summery of Brock Lesnar’s appearance on ESPN’s Sportscenter, below is a snippet, go to Rajah for the full recap.
            – Lesnar says he feels good and is excited to take The Undertaker to Suplex City at SummerSlam. He talks about ending The Streak and says it was a weird experience. Lesnar says he will take the win and at the end of the day, it was a business decision made by Vince McMahon.– When asked about Dana White’s recent controversial tweet about pro wrestling being “fake,” Lesnar said of course it’s fake, everybody knows that, but Dana is still promoting the same thing WWE is promoting.Lesnar says it just happens WWE gets more longevity out of their fighters. He says if you can’t turn WWE on Monday nights and can’t get entertainment out of the show, something’s wrong with you. Lesnar called it the same racket.
          • John Cena has posted a tweet aimed at the Internet Wrestling Community



  • The Coach will be at WWE Summerslam, representing ESPN Sportscenter. This is a pretty big deal in the realm of sports entertainment! It is a big deal for our old pal The Coach as well. He had this to say on Twitter regarding the reaction the news has gotten:

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