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What’s up everybody, welcome to the WrestleToys Wrestling News August 11 2015 Edition!

  • UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey recently took part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). When asked if she plans on working with the WWE in the future, she had this to say:
    “Definitely. I loved being in WrestleMania and will find a way to get back in the squared circle…I just have no clue when. And any real wrestling fan would want to be surprised anyway.”
  • F4wonline.com reports that if John Cena is unable to perform at SummerSlam, the plan is for Rollins to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton and Sheamus in a triple threat match. This is why Sheamus cost Randy Orton the main event match on Raw.


    If Cena is able to compete, then a secondary match is expected to be between Randy Orton and. Sheamus.

  • Private Roddy Piper Memorial at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, Planned for August 17, 2015

    A private memorial is in the works for beloved pro wrestler, actor and comedian “Rowdy” Roddy Piper who passed away last week at his home in Hollywood, California. Set to take place Monday, August 17th at The Comedy Store, this private memorial will include friends from all facets of Roddy Piper’s life and career which ran the gamut of wrestling, acting, stand up comedy, live and broadcast TV, film and numerous business and charitable ventures. His closest friends/colleagues in L.A. will share stories and experiences about Roddy over the years.

    The service will be private. Anyone from the pro wrestling or MMA world wishing to attend should contact Rick Bassman and Rick@RickBassman.com

    Organizer and Roddy Piper friend, comic Steve Simeone said of the event “The Comedy Store is the adopted home of so many ‘comic orphans’ and Roddy became like a dad or big brother to all of us. He became family. I wanted to have a get together where we could get up and share our favorite stories about this incredible man who we all love and will miss greatly. This is a night for Roddy’s friends to celebrate what a great friend he was to all of us.”

    Roddy Piper’s daughter, actress Ariel Teal Toombs had this to say about the memorial, “I know a lot of people wanting something like this in L.A., especially because the funeral will be up in Oregon and a lot of folks won’t be able to make that trip. It means a lot that Steve and the Comedy Store family are putting this together.”

    Memorial co-organizer, Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts agent, producer and longtime friend of Piper, Rick Bassman commented, “Roddy’s sudden death has hit all in the Pro Wrestling and MMA worlds pretty hard. I’m very grateful that the Comedy Store is doing this and we intend to see that Roddy is remembered in a way that would make him proud.”

    Also helping to organize this send off is Mitch Ackerman, Roddy’s best friend who remarked, “I appreciate all the love and support from all the friends and fans of Roddy’s. Other than Madison Square Garden I don’t think there is a more appropriate place to have this memorial than at the Comedy Store ”

    The Toombs family also wants the worldwide public who can’t attend his private funeral or memorial to know that a moment of silence is planned August 11th at 10 am PST. Details here:



  • Micheal Bluth over at Rajah.com summed up Stephanie McMahon‘s speech from the 2015 Experian Marketing Services Client Summit which took place in Las Vegas two weeks ago. Several UFC employees were in attendance, were said to be very impressed with the way Stephanie represented the WWE brand and the company’s promotional strategy.

    “Stephanie pushed the NXT brand and noted that WWE is well aware that the main product is not going to be embraced by their entire audience. She acknowledged that fans have varied tasted in what they’re looking for, which was a big part of WWE’s initiative to make NXT a full fledged touring brand.”

    Essentially, WWE is positioning NXT as a minor-league brand with high production values and is aimed at the indie wrestling fans who will connect with the next generation of talent and follow their journeys to the main roster.

  • During the Last Round Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan‘s spoke about Brock Lesnar and The Steiner Brothers being dangerous in the ring.

    Duggan: “You know the guy (presumably The Undertaker), he does a lot of high risk moves for an older man, out there taking… working with Brock Lesnar is dangerous anyway because Brock doesn’t seem to care about his partner. It’s easy to hurt people though. If I give you my body, then you gotta take care of me. Some guys don’t give a darn and Brock doesn’t give a darn, he’ll just throw people around. Steiners used to be like that.”

    Host: “I think the politically correct way to say it is, they don’t know their own strengths…”

    Duggan: “No, no, no… they take advantage of people. They take advantage of people. When you get another hardnose out there they seem to loosen up really quick.”

  • Hulk Hogan has been keeping quiet through the fallout from his recent racism issues. He did let out a tweet though, sharing that he is still looking forward to a big payday in Dallas, Texas at WrestleMania 32:
    “Aiming for WM32”
  • WWE Issued a statement in reply to an article by BBC about wrestlers dying too young, especially due to cardiovascular disease.
    “Unfortunately, some past performers were part of a generation of wrestlers who made unhealthy and poor personal lifestyle choices, which in some cases continued beyond their years in the ring. Today’s athletes take great pride and personal responsibility for their overall health and well-being. Notwithstanding, WWE talent are subject to random drug testing and expected to live healthy lifestyles, reinforced through our Talent Wellness Program, which was instituted in 2006.”
  • Prior to Raw from Washington on Monday, WWE issued a warning to fans, stating that they should not throw items toward the ring or Superstars. The fan that threw the Money in the Bank briefcase into the ring last week was kicked out of the show and banned from all future WWE events.
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