Wrestling News and Rumors July 08 2015

news070815What’s up everyone! Here are the wrestling news and rumors that were posted on July 08 2015 and a few of my comments on the topic.

    • San Diego Comic Con has officially begun! I will be posting updates and pictures of the latest Mattel WWE figures as they come to light. I trust our friends at @RingsideC will get awesome shots as usual.
    • WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted the second half of his interview with the legendary Mike Tenay over at PodcastOne.com. I enjoy JR’s podcast, I just wish his ads were at the same audio levels as the rest of his show.
    • MVP has sent out a Tweet stating that the contract he has with TNA allows him to be booked on the indy scene. Interested promoters can get in contact with MVP at BookMVPNow@Gmail.com. Gotta keep hustlin MVP!
    • There are issues at PodcastOne between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper that have resulted in Piper being released from his Legends Deal with WWE. Apparently Piper claimed that Austin got him booted from his PodcastOne deal after a guest made fun of Stone Cold. Austin retorted that Piper met with the PodcastOne officials to let them know he was done with their service. Roddy has stated that he will address the situation in full on his next podcast, Austin claims no ill will. Drama, drama everywhere! They aren’t even gonna put the fight on the network!
    • WWE.com posted an update on J&J Security after Brock Lesnar destroyed them on RAW. Both Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury are currently listed as “out of action indefinitely” Dolph Ziggler was also added to that list as a result of the beat down he received from Rusev on the same Monday Night Raw Episode.I’d like to wish J&J a speedy recovery, and Dolph Ziggler a “speedy recovery.”
    •  John Cena spoke with AccessHollywood to promote his cameo in the upcoming film Trainwreck. Some fans will be pleased to know that John Cena walked around the set all day wearing only a sock. Wait, it wasn’t for Magic Mike?

“There was talk about it being a closed set, but within 20 minutes there’s two camera ops, two focus-pullers, three lighting guys, two sounds guys, props. Catering was in there at one point. It became the most un-intimate environment possible – and that helped! There’s nothing intimate or sexy about it – it’s true comedy.”

“It was all day. My mom is probably so proud – I wore a sock to work all day! Special.”

    • Kurt Angle underwent successful surgery to remove a benign tumor from his neck earlier this week. He has posted follow up photos showing he and his wife in good spirits. The photos can be seen on Instagram. Get well soon Kurt, glad you seem in fine spirits.
    • Rajah.com has posted photos of leaked WWE Commentators notes. Those notes are mostly from 2008 and 2009, but interesting none the less.
    • Muscle & Fitness has posted a lengthy Q&A with Vince McMahon which can be read here. Good to see that McMahon is keeping it natural.
    • .The injury that Tyson Kidd is currently recovering from could have been fatal. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that doctors told Kidd that only about five percent of those with the same injury survive. Having a muscular neck is the reason that Kidd was able to survive the ordeal that left him with 16 staples, four screws and a rod in his neck.
    • Chris Jericho suffered a minor injury during his match with Neville in Tokyo when Neville dove off the top rope and Jericho caught him. He feels better and should be fully healed up in a few days.
    • Stardust was backstage at Raw but kept off TV because WWE has deemed it too early to turn him face. Good call. I couldn’t boo that man if you paid me to.
    • Brian Gewirtz has left WWE after 15 years. Gewirtz had been consulting and working from home lately, but was usually brought in for The Rock’s promos. Where’s the Future Endeavors guy when you need him?
    • Nikki Bella is currently working with an injury. She has a partially separated shoulder, and it is unknown at this time whether she will be needing time off. Her superficial nature will not let her leave her ‘spot’ if she can avoid it.
    • In response to a fan being struck by the vehicle door that Brock Lesner flung during Raw, WWE issued the following statement:

“WWE immediately responded to the incident during last night’s show. The fan was unharmed and declined any medical attention.” Sometimes I need medical attention after trying too hard to make sense of some of these storylines.

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