Wrestling News and Comments July 7 2015

news070715Here is the wrestling news and some comments for July 7, 2015. This is for those of you that want the news in one simple post without having to follow all the click bait out there. I just ask that you help me out by using my Amazon or WWE Shop links. Thank you!


  • Former WWE Diva Barbie Blank (whom performed as Kelly Kelly) will be featured on a new E! Reality Series titled “WAGS” (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars).  See the entire press release at EOnline. I really don’t see WAGS staying around too long, but then again reality tv, so yeah. It’ll be good seeing Kelly Kelly back on tv though, even if she does look like a Muppet.
  • Danny Davis has announced that Ohio Valley Wrestling has been sold in whole, and he will be stepping down immediately. OVW had a good run, hopefully Mr. Davis got a decent chunk of change for it.

After 22 years in business and mentoring more than 150 athletes to professional wrestling’s national stage Ohio Valley Wrestling owner Danny Davis will immediately step away from the company he founded.

  • Drake Wuertz has announced that former wrestler Adam Pearce has been hired on as a full time coach at the WWE Performance Center.

“Very cool to have @ScrapDaddyAP with us full time at the @WWEPerformCtr…Welcome aboard Coach! @WWENXT Pearce was a jobber in the major leagues of wrestling, but proved his worth in ROH and NWA, congrats sir.

  • It was announced that Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to on the cover of the new WWE video game by 2K Sports, WWE 2K16. Austin made the media rounds, and during an interview with MTV UK the question of “one more match” inevitably came up.

“So I would go on record: don’t look forward to me putting on the trunks and knee braces to get back in the ring and stomp a mud hole in somebody and walking it dry. How’s that work for you?” I don’t like it Steve. I’m gonna be in Dallas for WrestleMania 32. Give us one more, please. Unless it’s going to cripple you or something.

  • A fan was struck by the vehicle door that Brock Lesnar tossed to the side during WWE Monday Night Raw. The fan received medical attention from WWE Staff, was said to be ok and left with a slew of free WWE Merchandise. I wonder if one of the shirts he got read “Car Door, Bitch!”
  • Vince McMahon has decided to limit the verbiage used by the commentary team (again), as the term “backbreaker” has been shelved. Vince previously banned terms like “wrestler” and “title belt” but those eventually made their way back. Hopefully the curb stomp and decent storylines make a comeback as well.
  • Karen Jarret has announced that Mickie James will be on the first ever Global Force Wrestling television taping and will be entering tournament to crown the first ever GFW Women’s Champion. Good call GFW, this will immediately bring some legitimacy to that title.
  • Triple H on Seth Rollins via Twitter: “A great character emotionally connects with the crowd. Tonight on @WWERollins shows how important personality truly is.” I agree. Seth has proven himself as an excellent heel that I love and my family hates (you know, cuz I’m part of the IWC and all).
  • On Total Divas, Natalya tries to become a dominatrix and we got this gem of a quote: Nikki Bella to Eva Marie “You absolutely suck at wrestling!” Enough Said, we all agree.

Below is a SPOILER for the main roster Debuts of a couple of NXT wrestlers.


  • Spoilers: PWInsider reported NXT Diva Charlotte is set to make her main roster debut at the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view. Also,Sasha Banks will most likely be debuting alongside Charlotte to help Paige. We could have guessed this much, let’s see if they handle the debut. It’ll be great to have some more women wrestlers on the roster. Looks like another NXT vs WWE storyline.

Below is a SPOILER for this weeks Tough Enough


  • On WWE Tough Enough Daria Berenato was eliminated. Sara Lee and ZZ (you got my vote bro) joined her in the Final Three, and America decided Daria had to go. Dianna Dahlgren quit the show due to personal reasons that will be further explained in this video (a friend got injured, she needed be there to help). I’m sad that ZZ was in the final three again, but glad he made it out. I was happy to see Dianna go, but saddened by the circumstances that forced her out.


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