Where’s John Cena going and McMahon beat who?

Where’s John Cena going and McMahon beat who?

WWE.com has released a new “5 Things” video, this week’s topic is a list of Superstars that Mr. McMahon has defeated. The video gives a brief summary of the feud leading up to the match and shows highlights from McMahon’s matches against:

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Undertaker

Ken Shamrock

Triple H

Bobby Lashley

You can watch the 5 Things Video right here.

With news going around that John Cena will be taking some extended time off from WWE after this Sunday’s Pay Per View, many were speculating as to what he would be doing. Though Cena ruled out personal issues and injuries, the rumor mill was going full speed ahead with word of a marriage to Nikki Bella even being thrown around (sorry Nikki).

F4WOnline.com has posted the following regarding John Cena’s leave:

Wrestling author and reporter Scott Keith recently reported that WWE United States Champion John Cena is most likely taking time off from the ring to host a new television show. Following his announcement that he would be taking a leave of absence, there was much speculation as to why. Keith reported that the new television show that Cena would be hosting would be a new fitness-themed reality show that will eventually air on Fox.

Filming of the new show is scheduled to run from Monday, October 26, 2015 all the way through the first or second week of January 2016. The show is set to air in early spring. Cena is advertised, however, to make his return to action at WWE’s post-Christmas live event tour.

Cena will indeed be filming something during his time off, and according to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live, the length and specifics of the schedule have yet to be determined. WWE officials and Cena continue to be very hush-hush on why he’s taking time away from the ring, which is unusual as officials typically announce if a talent is taking time off for TV and/or movie roles and projects.

While it is very possible that during his hiatus he may be filming a new project, that may not be the main reason for his taking time away from WWE specifically. This past summer, Cena asked WWE for a break for what he claimed was regarding “personal issues.”

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