Vince McMahon as ECW Champion

ECW Champ, Vince McMahon!

OK, so I got a Vince McMahon from the Series 23 Battle Packs that just came out. I know the figure is pretty accurate when it comes to McMahon’s Ring Gear, but I thought it was a little too plain. It was just begging to be had fun with. I was originally going to just add a decal to his shirt, but I couldn’t settle on a design or inspiration I wanted (McMahon 3:16 was a front runner).

While I was Googling…sounds weird….searching for McMahon images, I came across this gem. McMahon as ECW Champion. It was a dark day in the WWE owned land of Extreme, but it made me laugh aloud, so I went with it.

I made a Leather ECW Title Belt and put a Do-Rag on Vinnie Mac’s head. As one can imagine, Figure sized Do Rags aren’t very common, so I decided to make my own. I’ve never sewn before, so this figure holds the distinct pleasure of being my first sew job. It came out pretty decent and I am satisfied with the results. I know he is missing the baggy sleeves, but I’m not that advanced in the sewing, or as proud of my painting for that yet.

Check it out and Let me Know what you think! Vinnie Mac as ECW Champion

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