Tough Enough First Elimination

At least one contestant was shocked when he was eliminated on the debut episode of the newest season of WWE Tough Enough on the USA Network. The hour long debut went through a handful of competitions that saw our Final 13 contestants running with parachutes to throwing around a sandbag in the ring. After a few minutes into the show, it became clear that Tanner (@ToughTanner) was the one to look out for. He dominated the competitions and let his (heel) potential show through when defending himself against the trash talking man-beasts around him. Jealousy was running rampant amongst the males of the group, with Alex (@ToughAlexF) in particular stirring up some trouble. The female side was light on cattiness, but did have a few gems when Diana (@ToughDiana) drew the fire for constantly stating she wanted to go home and a possible injury fake.

On the live portion of the show, Judges Daniel Bryan (@WWEDanielBryan), Hulk Hogan (@HulkHogan) and Paige (@RealPaigeWWE) called out the bottom three: ZZ (@ToughZZ), Hank (@ToughHank) and Josh (@ToughJoshua). ZZ was selected due to his physical unfitness, Hank for some comments he made about the little guy (Tanner), and Josh for not showing much in terms of personality. A brief commercial break (which there were a ton of) allowed the WWE Universe could vote to ‘save’ their favorite competitor via SMS, Twitter, or the Tough Enough app. After all the voting was complete we had our first elimination: Hank. He was able to gather a 22 percent vote, with Josh netting a 26 percent vote and ZZ being saved by a mile with a 52 percent vote. It was no surprise that ZZ was saved, as he showed heart and charisma throughout the show. He may be least physically imposing person on the show (even including the girls, Paige) but he definitely has that “spark” that Hulk Hogan was looking for.

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