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What’s up everybody, welcome to The Wrestling News 09 17 Edition! As usual, links will lead you to the dot com mentioned, or the Amazon action figure. Thank you for supporting us by using our links!

  • The latest “Steve Austin Show Unleashed” episode is up at, and the guest is none other than Scott Hall.
  • reports that multiple sources have confirmed that WWE has signed Zamariah Loupe (ZZ) and Amanda Sacccomanno from the Tough Enough reality show. ZZ is down at the Performance Center and Amanda is filming for Total Divas.
  • Roman Reigns did a Q&A session at the Wizard World Comic Con in San Jose, CA and had a few interesting things to say:
    He has a couple of dream opponents in mind; Triple H and Kevin Owens.
    He would like to face The Rock in a big match, possibly for the WWE Championship.
    Reigns will cherish main eventing WrestleMania for the rest of his life. If he never gets another chance, he knows that he “represented” and hopes that everyone else sees that as well.
  • Camp WWE, the WWE Network cartoon aimed at an adult audience is being redone to remove Hulk Hogan from the show.
  • Former WWE head of security Jimmy Noonan (from 1999-2007) spoke on the Wrestling Mayhem podcast and stated that somebody should be fired over the recent incidents of fans getting involved at WWE’s live events. The events in question all occurred over the last month or so, and all involved ex-Shield members Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.
    Reigns was hit with a Money In The Bank briefcase at a live event.
    A fan jumped the ringside barrier on 8/5 at the SmackDown tapings and nearly attacked Dean Ambrose.
    Most recently, on 9/7’s Raw, a fan jumped the rail and strutted to the ring alongside Seth Rollins.

    Noonan said “It’s getting embarrassing, I’m getting offended by it. You don’t get caught three times in one month. If you do, you’re fucking up. Somebody is messing up. Not shitting on WWE security, but somebody is making a mistake.”

    As strongly as he feels about the situation, he does not feel that WWE will do anything to punish the security team. “I think somebody should be fired. I think if you’re security and you mess up, you should be fired. Will they? Probably not.” He did further note that there is fear in WWE of a legitimate fighter running in and attacking a Superstar, or worse, a fan with a knife or other weapon. He said that during the Austin era, security was heightened because a fan taking down Austin would ruin his character.

  • It is rumored that NXT Diva Asuka (aka Kana) will be making her TV debut next week, with her in-ring debut happening at NXT Takeover: Respect.
  • SportsIllustrated did and interview with Dixie Carter where she revealed a few tidbits on TNA.
    – TNA is still having discussions with Destination America regarding renewing their television deal for 2016. Dixie said that TNA’s “biggest challenge” has been building the brand in the United States.
    – She believes that TNA still has plenty of time ahead of it. She states that it will exist on a “level that far exceeds” what they are currently doing. She is looking multiple years down the road, not just one.
    – She said that as far as competing with WWE, they are pretty much holding their own. They are the only other global wrestling promotion in the world, showing in over 120 countries and televised in 19 languages. They focus on young talent now, and the ex-WWE (Dudley Boyz link) talent they were loaded with years ago have resurfaced in that promotion, which TNA takes as a compliment.
    “I do feel we’ve taken some unfair blows. Competition, no matter who it is, is healthy. It’s absolutely imperative for the industry to grow. There’s a reason that there is a Lowe’s on the corner of every Home Depot, and a Walgreens across from every CVS. It’s important for the industry.”
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