Royal Rumble Poster Forgets the Alamo

The new WWE Royal Rumble Poster forgets the Alamo.

Earlier today WWE Released the official Poster for the Royal Rumble, which is emanating from San Antonio, TX (My hometown!) on January 29, 2017. The poster looks pretty standard and most people probably wouldn’t take a second look at it.

Notice anything odd about it? If you aren’t from San Antonio, you probably don’t see anything obviously wrong with it at all. What you would notice if you were a San Antonian though, is that the building in the background of the poster is NOT the Alamo. This may have been done intentionally, but with WWE using phrases like “Remember the Rumble” in its promotions, this is highly unlikely.

Now, if you are a member of the IWC, you probably had something else to complain about: The fact that the WWE World Champion, AJ Styles, is buried in the very back of the poster! Even WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens is in the second row behind the part timers! To help fix the issues at hand, I went ahead and threw together a quick edit of the poster. You are welcome, internet.


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