Ninja Superstars on shelves now

The TMNT / WWE Crossover action figures, Ninja Superstars, are out on store shelves now!



According to the prices they are fetching on eBay and Amazon, it looks like they are going to be a hot Christmas item! This doesn’t really come as a surprise, as this combination of properties hits home with boys and nostalgic men alike (I’m one of them!). Adding fuel to the rarity fire is the fact that they are Wal-Mart exclusives. The good news about that is that if you don’t want to pay the high online prices you can always stalk a Wallyworld near you.

These figures are pretty sweet! They stand about 7″ tall and each one comes with unique accessories that go along with the character the Ninja Turtles are cosplaying. Coolest accessories go to Donatello as Undertaker (World Heavyweight Championship & Graveyard tools) and Leonardo as John Cena (US Title, Steel Chair and Chain). I’d also give Leo and Donnie a thumbs up in the overall look department. It’s not that the Raph as Sting or Mickey as Macho Man figures aren’t great, it just feels like the other two bros had a little more energy put into them.

The more I look at the Michelangelo figure, the more I warm up to it. No Raphael figure on the other hand, not so much. When I first saw Raphael as Sting it immediately had me wishing they’d chosen a different wrestler to assign to Raph. I mean, how cool would it have been to see Raph as a member of LOD or even as Kane?


This may be biased, but I am gonna say that the “Donataker” figure is the best. Some would argue that it is Leo Cena, but whatever, my favorite Turtle is Donnie and my favorite WWE wrestler is The Undertaker. Seeing them rolled into one figure hits a warm spot in my heart. I mean, look at him!

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