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Pre-Order MitB 2013 DVD
Pre-Order MitB 2013 DVD

For those of you that are interested on getting RVD’s return to the WWE ring this Sunday on DVD, you can Pre-Order it already on Amazon, complete with Price Guarantee. The DVD is currently listed at $19.99 with a Pre-Order price of $14.99.  Pretty good deal, especially with Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime – (Get free Trial here).

So I’m gonna ramble now. I’m no internet journalist, and hardly a writer, so this is just an entertainment – read if you wanna piece, ha.

It’s turned out to be a pretty sweet Card (MitB PPVs are usually $$ worthy), with lots of potential for swerves built right into it. The single’s matches on the card are pretty predictable, but the two Money in the Bank matches have that Wild Card factor…especially SmackDown’s. With an all-heel ladder match, maybe this will be more about the physical accomplishments of a certain guy leading into a potential face turn? As far as guys that could win it…My personal favorite would be Damien Sandow, but I have doubt that will happen. Jack Swagger is a former World Heavyweight Champion, but unreliable. Cody Rhodes is looking for his breakout moment, but he needs to get more over than his mustache before his time is here. Dean Ambrose is the current US Champion..maybe he could trade that in for a WHC contract a la TNA….but its probably too early for him. Idunno, this one is a toss up.

All the talk about Daniel Bryan’s momentum going into the show and the fact that he ended the show Holding the briefcase this past Monday on RAW kinda point toward a Bryan loss on Sunday. I’d love to see Bryan win, but I’m doubtful of it. Punk is headed toward a match with Brock at Summerslam, so he’s not winning it. I’d really mark out if Christian won, but we’ll see. I can’t really get into Sheamus’ face gimmick. We all know what happened last time RVD held a championship…maybe he’s been brought in to redeem himself. Imagine he wins the WWE Title from Cena, again, and that leads to a feud with CM Punk – RVD vs CM Punk is a match I’d love to see.

And like I stated earlier, the single’s matches are pretty by the numbers as we head into Summerslam. The Shield over The Usos – too soon for the Usos to get the gold. With only like 3 real tag teams in the WWE, they need to draw out tag feuds as long as possible. Jericho vs. Ryback – Ryback wins and gains back some credibility, Jericho disappears as he tours with Fozzy. AJ beats Kaitlyn cuz we need a reason for this one to draw out as well, and also a storyline catalyst for the Ziggy/AJ Breakup. Miz vs Curtis Axel – a Miz win, Really? No. Axel takes it. Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler – Alberto Del Rio, because Ziggler is still being built as a face, and he deserves his ‘moment’ at a big PPV like SummerSlam. Finally, John Cena vs. Henry – I think Cena wins here, as he has barely held the title a few months, and because of the much rumored Bryan vs. Cena feud coming up….

I guess we’ll find out this Sunday. What are your thoughts on the Money in the Bank card and who are your favorites to win?

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