Mattel WWE Elite 42

It is true, you will soon have a Francesca(!) as she is included with the Xaver o. The Man that Gravity Forgot, Neville is also in this set. The other notable figure in this set is the Triple H Elite, as he comes his Terminator getup from WrestleMania 31.

Figures in the set:

  • Neville
  • Triple H
  • Brian Knobbs
  • Jerry Sags
  • Xavier Woods
  • Kalisto

Mattel WWE Elite 42 Revealed!

The Mattel WWE Elite 42 has long been available for pre-order, but has not been revealed until now! We get a look at the mix of classic and up and coming WWE Superstars that will be available. Elite 42 includes: It’s long been speculated that The Game himself, Triple H would have a classic version be released in this set.

WWE Elite 42 on Amazon

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