@MariaLKanellis WWE Return blocked by Bellas

Maria Return Blocked

“A fan recently asked former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis on Twitter if she felt Eva Marie was WWE’s attempt to replace her, since she “rejected their offer” for a return. Kanellis replied and noted that she “didn’t reject their offer.” In fact, Kanellis claimed “WWE and I agreed on details of my contract.” The reason she never returned, according to Kanellis, was because “Bellas blocked two other girls and me from getting hired.”

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Well, it does make sense that if any Divas had the power to block a former Diva from returning, it would be the Bellas  @NicoleandBri. They are, after all, dating the two guys at the top of the WWE Roster, John Cena and Daniel Bryan.  I guess it is good to have boyfriends in high places. I don’t get it though – I mean, whatever personal beef they had with each other should be put to the side for business’ sake. The Divas roster is slowly recovering, and adding a firecracker like Maria back into the fray could only mean more time to shine for the division as a whole.

I wonder what she did behind the scenes that led to this banning of a contract. Anyone have any ideas what it was? I wonder if she did anything dastardly, or if it is just a Chyna/Triple H type of issue.

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