Looking for Dudley Boyz action figures?

Are you looking for Dudley Boyz action figures? If so, you are not alone. Since the Boyz’ surprise return to Monday Night Raw this past week, collectors from all around have been searching high and low for wrestling figures of Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley, aka The Dudley Boyz aka Those Damn Dudley’s aka Team 3-D. Unfortunately, we at WrestleToys only have one TNA Bully Ray figure in stock, and if you don’t get it, I don’t want to leave you completely empty handed. What I have done is gathered a few of the figures available online, and put them on this handy blog entry. Hopefully it will help you find the figures you want – though be warned, some of the prices are a bit ridiculous at the moment. Hopefully WWE and Mattel can get some awesome new figures (Elites!) in our hands sooner rather than later! I cannot wait to execute a Dudley Death Drop through a table using some updated and ridiculously accurate figures!

Quick Shot – Tables!!

wrestling toys tables break away table

OK, so here are the figures I was able to track down for you. As you might have imagined, most of them were found on eBay and Amazon.

Amazon results for “Dudley WWE” specifically in the action figures department.

Buh buh ray dudley team 3d action figureDevon Dudley Action figure Testify2 pack dudley boyz action figuresBully Ray action figure TNA Team 3-D Dudeyz

Ebay search for Dudley Boyz WWE  – also check results for Dudley Boys WWE. As you can imagine, the eBay results are overwhelming. Below are the figures I found that were at a decent price when this post was made.

The Dudley Boyz WWE WWF TNABubbe Ray and Devon Dudley with a Tablenew in package dudley team 3d

If you are into doing deals through trade or without much regulations, you can try the WrestlingFigs Classifieds board. Sadly, As of 08/30/2015 there were no active posts with the Dudley Figures on them though – only those looking to buy.

Well guys, I hope this post helped you find what you were looking for, at least for the time being anyway. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the Mattel figs, and in the meantime, you can always make your own custom figures!

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