Leather Backing on Custom Belts

Hey guys! Someone asked a question about making custom leather figure belts. I’ll be answering that really quickly here. Before that though, If you haven’t, I’d suggest reading through my custom belt page so that you have a better idea of what you will be doing.

These belts are similar, but they go a few steps further.

There is a section at hobby lobby that is dedicated to leather type of work (indian type bracelets, etc). They sell straps of “leather” there, usually about $15 for 3sq ft (with coupon).

Grab the Pleather.
Go to the felt section. Buy some black “sticky back” felt.
Get a print out of the medallions for the belts. Either use print outs from the print outs board or use your own – I recommend using actual photo paper instead or regular paper.

This next part might be a bit confusing –
Cut the sticky back and the pleather into a strip about 5″ long and big enough for the “medallions” to fit on to.
Peel off the white paper backing from the felt – but LEAVE 1″ on each end covered.
Adhere the pleather to that strip, the middle should be adhered with 1″ on each side no adhered.

Laminate or use clear tape over your print outs to make them thick.
Cut out the medallions.
Use craft super glue to adhere the medallions to the leather strip. Needs to be craft type or it will just break off later.

Now you should have the medallions super glued to the leather strip that is attached to the felt.

The next steps can be done out of order depending on your preference.

Attach Velcro (rough side) to the front of the pleather strip, where the belt will be – even with the medallions, on the left side of the belt (facing you).
Attach the furry side to the back of the felt. The reason you left that 1″ of attached paper is so that you can easily secure the velcro in place.
Staple the velcro into place so that it doesn’t pull off when you are using the belt.
Peel off the white paper and sandwich the staple ends between the felt and the pleather.

Cut out the shape of the belt. This is easier than you think. Just use the medallions and the velcro as a guide, make sure the ends line up.

Congrats, you have a hand made “leather” belt. They look very nice and are thick.

I have a video up comparing two types of hand made belts – regular photo paper belts and the pleather ones I walked you through above.

Clip to Evernote
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