Jim Ross Blog: Possible Batista Return, WWE Star Romances

The following are excerpts from a new online blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On Legends Of Mid-South Wrestling DVD: “The Legends of Mid South Wrestling DVD produced excellently by WWE will be released in North America this Tuesday and soon thereafter in other parts of the world. I’m obviously biased because that’s where myself and many greats of the game got our start under the watchful and forceful eye of Cowboy Bill Watts and I think that fans are going to love this DVD release.”

“One of the DVD extras, the 40+ minute NWA Title bout featuring Ric Flair vs. Terry Taylor, is an absolute clinic for any wrestler to observe and from which to learn. Plus, many fans will see the amazingly physical side of Hacksaw Jim Duggan who was a stalwart and became a star in Mid South.”

On Batista’s future in WWE: “Reviews for my friend Dave Bautista’s work in the new film ‘Riddick’ have been stellar. Dave is a talented guy and has developed his personality amazingly well since we first signed him many years ago. That comes from hard work and focus of which ‘The Animal’ never had a shortage. Hopefully, if the timing is right, Batista will be able to make a cameo or two in WWE in the future as I’m sure that his fans would love to see him.”

On Monday’s RAW and the WWE mobile app: “I watched quite a bit of Monday Night RAW this week on the WWE app and enjoyed the content. Nice concept for the die hard fan who craves all the content that they can get plus the material in the commercial breaks on the APP tied storyline matters together nicely.”

On rumored WWE romances and the WWE Divas: “One can tell that sports entertainment is truly ‘evolving’ as it relates to pop culture, social media, etc as I have read recent online reports of various, ‘rumored’ WWE romances. One of the more unique dynamics within the business that I experienced was when the number of Divas on the roster grew quickly and the ladies became a regular part of the locker room environment. Interesting days indeed. Little did we know then how much the Divas would add to the presentation and how many doors those ladies would open for others.”

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