Hulk Hogan getting Paid

The New York Post is reporting that Hulk Hogan will finally be getting his settlement cash from the sex tape-related lawsuit win against Gawker. A judge in Manhattan has approved a bankruptcy plan by Gawker that includes a $31 Million (of the originally awarded $140 Million) payout to Hulk Hogan before the end of 2016. Turns out 2016 won’t be such a bad year for the Hulkster, as he has also started surfacing back on the WWE Network.


Now that this lawsuit business finally seems to be over, and Hogan slowly making his way back to the Network, it’s only a matter of time before we get some more Hogan Elites. I know there isn’t really a shortage of Hogan figures out there, but I’m sure WWE and Mattel will be happy to get a few more sales from him. Maybe even a Hulkster and his python Defining Moments figure, lmao!


HAHA! Here is a link to current Hogan Figures on Amazon!

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