Heat on Lana as she trains for comeback

Heat on Lana as she trains for comeback and why she shouldn’t have any heat at all.

WWE Diva Lana has started training at the WWE Performance Center for her return to WWE TV. She was sidelined after she suffered a fractured wrist while training back on September 06, 2015.

Dr. Chris Amman’s quote from the WWE.com update:

During a training session [Sunday] afternoon, Lana had sustained an injury in the ring. We attended to her and noticed that she had a deformity of her wrist. We obtained X-rays which showed a Colles’ fracture and [we put her] in a splint. Most of these Colles’ fractures do better surgically than non-surgically, especially in younger patients. Most likely this will require an operation, which will take her out of active competition for approximately four months.

Three and a half months later Lana has posted a photo of herself standing on the ring apron at the WWE Performance Center.

It takes courage to face fear. Bravery is feeling fear & conquering it. #BeBrave #tapout #LanaWillBeBack

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According to online rumors, Lana was scheduled for a ‘big push’ before October 11, 2015 when she posted a photo of herself and Rusev sharing their engagement. TMZ picked up the story soon after:  Apparently Lana was on Vince McMahon’s short list of favorite new talents. Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that this is no longer the case and that WWE officials are not very fond of her at the moment. According to reports, the heat she has on her stems from the fact that she posted about the engagement at the time when WWE was running a story line that saw Lana and Rusev broken up. To make matters worse, Summer Rae had just recently proposed to Rusev on WWE TV and the Lana character was written to be dating Dolph Ziggler. All this led to WWE changing its storyline for the Rusev/Ziggler rivalry and then quickly dropping the angle. Summer Rae still sits quietly backstage hoping a writer will allow some sort of character development that will keep her from relying on just being the typical blonde bimbo type.  

Adding fuel to the flames are the recent Twitter exchanges between Paige and Lana, where Lana claims that Paige bullied her while they were in NXT together. Paige denied the accusations while Summer Rae and former NXT creative assistant Rob Naylor both ended up coming to Paige’s defense on Twitter.

I call B.S. though. I don’t think Lana is being or will be punished, nor should she be. First, lets take WWE changing its storylines because of the TMZ engagement thing. This isn’t the first time that something has come out in real life and WWE made changes to the storylines, and it will not be the last. I can’t really see why WWE officials would be mad at Lana for announcing her engagement. It is a major life event and she wanted to share it with her fans, good for her! WWE didn’t NEED to change any of their plans. It’s not like they have coherent of stories anyway.

It may have even helped keep interest in the angle red hot. Imagine everyone knowing that Lana and Rusev were engaged in real life, yet every week we see Rusev & Summer and Dolph & Lana all over each other. We eventually start to see glances, stares, and short words spoken between Lana & Rusev, the whole star crossed lovers type thing. The WWE Universe gets to see Lana kick Summer’s butt while Rusev gives wide eyed child like smiles and acts impressed. It gets drawn out nice and long, maybe even getting a WrestleMania blowoff. We know that at the end of the story they just have to get together, and anticipation builds to the point that we are begging to see Lana kick Dolph in the gonads and run overjoyed into those big Bulgarian arms. It could have been a Randy Savage/Ms. Elizabeth type of payoff!

But they are engaged for real! Yeah, cuz you know, nobody tuned in to watch Ross chase after Rachel. Nobody turns on that “suspension of disbelief” thing during wrestling. Gimme a break, a good story line is a good story line, no matter whom the actors involved are.

But it was out of character! She fought with Paige on Twitter! First off: and Oh! And

Get the picture yet, fella? All three guys above were “bad guys” at the time those photos were taken. All “out of character” and all posted on an Official WWE website with links from WWE.com. Plus, with as much backstage type stuff they let out now, they could have made a documentary on the real couple for the WWE Network. The concept could have been about the couple rising in popularity through this storyline where they are not a couple at all – the whole injury would have just added more drama! And the Twitter thing. I won’t even waste too much time on that one. All of WWE’s Supersters with active Twitter accounts go back and forth on the platform in both legitimate and storyline based Tweets. As far as we know, Lana may be working us and setting up a future feud with Paige. Stranger things have happened.  

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