Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg

Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg……

I hadn’t heard that in a long while. Seeing Goldberg back in the ring was pretty cool. It wasn’t a big nostalgic moment for me like it was for many, as I was never really a huge fan of his while he was in WCW. I was on WWE’s side during the Monday Night Wars but I was aware of him and couple of his feuds and matches, as I did catch some WCW. I was kind of a WCW closet fan – I’d watch the first hour before Raw and catch the Nitro Replay after watching Raw live.

I’d talk trash about him being a “Stone Cold Knockoff” and call him “Oldberg” – (creative, right?), but I would sit there in awe as I’d watch him deliver a ferocious Spear followed by that badass Jackhammer.

It wasn’t until he made his debut in WWE that I allowed myself to let it out and cheer him on. I knew that it wouldn’t compare to his time in WCW, but I enjoyed it for what it was. I do remember wishing he had debuted alongside Booker T during that invasion angle. He might have been able to save it…maybe.

I watched as he defeated The Rock,  Chris Jericho, rolled my eyes when Triple H pinned him (because, of course it’d be Triple H to pin Goldberg), and saw how the fans turned on he and Lesnar during their WrestleMania XX matchup. Then he was gone. One year in the big leagues and gone. I remember thinking that it must suck for your WrestleMania moment to be filled with an undeserving amount of hate (though, the match did start off pretty boring).

Now, twelve years later, Goldberg is Back! Watching him get into that ring and soak up the love from the fans made everything ok again. Seeing him as he just took in the moment, looking grateful just to be in that ring again and excited to be doing it in front of his son – that moment gave me goosebumps.

He then thanked #MrCole and went into promo mode, showing a comfort on the mic I didn’t expect him to have – and proceeded to let us know that Brock was not only Next, but Last. After the business, he went to his son and lifted him in the air, no doubt feeling proud as can be that Simon got to see the kind of response and love his old man got from the crowd. Though I was never a huge fan of Goldberg the wrestler, Monday night I became a huge fan of Goldberg, the man.
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