Does Stacy Keibler want back into WWE?

She’s only 33 years old, so she is definitely still young enough for at least a few more years in the WWE. And with her star power as an A-List celebrity, she would bring in plenty of mainstream media attention – which we all know, Vince is quite fond of. Sadly, it seems that she is just not interested in it anymore.
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As noted earlier this week, a WWE spokesperson confirmed that the company is not in talks with former Diva Stacy Keibler about a return, despite rumors to the contrary coming out of The Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom. Additionally, other sources claimed that not only was she in talks to make a comeback, but that she would serve as the manager for Daniel Bryan upon her return.

Those close to Keibler claim she has turned down offers for a return to WWE multiple times since leaving the company. According to reports, WWE has reached out to Keibler on at least a few occasions over the past two years.

Most recently, WWE extended an offer to Keibler to return right after she broke up with Hollywood A-lister George Clooney. WWE was running RAW in Keibler’s hometown of Baltimore, Maryland around this time and attempted to get the former Diva on the show.

Keibler herself noted during a recent SIRIUS/XM satelitte radio appearance that she has no intentions of returning to WWE anytime in the near future

Maybe one day she’ll change her mind. Would you be interested in seeing her return to WWE?

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