Custom WWE Rumbler Ornament

WWE XMAS Ornament Custom
Undertaker XMas Ornament

From Death Valley, weighing in at less than 6 ounces, it’s The Undertaker! LOL, ok so here we have a cool little custom I threw together. Also a great do it yourself project if you don’t feel like buying it: a custom WWE Rumbler Ornament. In this case, we have The Undertaker hanging from a tree limb. NOTE: Do NOT do this with Bossman figures. We do not need to be reminded of that blemish of a Hell in a Cell match. And thank Jeebus there are no Chris Benoit Rumblers out.  Anyhoo, with Christmas less than 20 days away, better get on it soon.

Here is what you need:

1. A WWE Rumbler Action Figure.

Go to the store and Buy a WWE Rumbler, or steal one from your kid. Hopefully you can find one in stores, or your kid won’t notice if it goes missing.

2. A Threaded Eyehook – You can find these pretty much anywhere in various sizes. As you can see in my picture there, the ones I picked up were a tad on the Ginormous side. They will either be in the hardware section of your local store, or in the girly picture hanging packages.

3. Ribbon – Once again, you can find this pretty much anywhere. If you can’t, a piece of shoe string will work as well. Pretty much anything you use to hang the figure with.

4. A small bowl of water (big enough for the figure) and a microwave


5. A Drill with a Drill bit that matches the size of your Eye Hook.


1. Place your figure in the bowl of water, and Microwave him for 45 seconds. Shorter if you have a strong Nuker. Just want to get him warm and easy to drill into.

2. On the center of the figure’s head, if using a drillbit, make a short guide hole. Now place the Eyehook into the hole and apply pressure as you screw it into place. If you did not use a drill bit, you may need to apply a bit more pressure while screwing the eyehook in. It also may be a bit tough to keep it straight. Either way, get that hook into that head.

3. Get your Ribbon, or string, or whatever you are hanging the figure with and thread it through the Eye of the Eyehook. Tie that bad boy in a double knot and cut off the excess.

4. Congrats, you made a custom WWE Rumbler Ornament. You can pull the eyehook out and return the figure to your kid Mid-January when the tree comes down.

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