CM Punk Vs Paul Heyman custom Battle Pack

Relive CM Punk Vs Heyman
Hell In A Cell Moment

Just wanted to share this auction with everyone. CM Punk Vs Paul Heyman in a custom Battle Pack. Both are basic figures. Fortunately, Paul Heyman is a rare figure, and Punk has some Tattoo Decals applied. Of course, due to the fact that the basic Punk figures have a oddly tattooed left arm, the Pepsi one is a bit off center. The auction does include display stands so that the figures can be posed as they are in the picture to the left.

The pose idea is pretty cool, as it makes for a great Mid-GTS Moment. Maybe on the next one, Punk can be posed with the Knee Up, but I’m pretty sure that would need to include another form of support for the figure. But it will be pretty cool when we get to see it.

The item is up on eBay, right Here.

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