Christopher Reeve Superman DC Comics MultiVerse Figure!

Chris Reeve Figure @ Decal!

So this isn’t really a Wrestling related Figure, but it is cool as hell, and I could not resist Sharing it with ya’ll! It’s a 3.75″ Superman Action Figure. That is cool and all, but this Supe’s is different than any other you have seen in the last couple of decades. It features the likeness of the original Big Screen Superman, Christopher Reeve! Made for the adult collector, this figure from the DC Comics Multiverse line by Mattel is highly detailed, accurate, and feature many points of articulation.

The one on the listing that we are linking to today has one upped other sellers! On top of having the figure at a comparable price, plus FREE SHIPPING, a Superman “S” Logo Decal is included! It measures about 5.5″ tall and about 7.5″ across! I know for a fact that a decal like that will run you about $10 anywhere you can find it.

Be sure to fly by and check it out!
Check out the Chris Reeve Supe’s Figure!

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