How to Apply a Vinyl Decal

Hey all,  I just wanted to share this video with instructions on how to Apply a Vinyl Decal. We made this video mainly for the customers from our WrestleToys eBay and BelowNormal store.

There is a step by step  instruction guide provided by VIP, here. I would watch the video first and read the instructions as well, before trying it yourself.

Here is the quick and dirty version, followed by the video for smaller projects.

1. Clean the surface with Soap and Water. It is ok if the surface stays wet. This helps with smoothing and positioning, especially on vehicles. Wet is GOOD.

2. If the vinyl is large, use masking tape to hold it in place. Preferably 3 pieces (left, center, right)

3. Tape over the length of the decal (across the top). This will create a hinge that will make application easier.

4. Pull off the Back liner of the vinyl. (When looking at the decal, the white waxy side behind the vinyl is what you are pulling up.

5. Use a credit card or squeegee and start smoothing out the decal, from the center to the outer edges. Get rid of air bubbles by smoothing them toward the edge.

6. Remove for tape that is in the “Front” of the decal. Should be Clear or tan like regular Masking tape.

Clip to Evernote
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