Antonio Cesaro Elite 23 Figure

Elite 23 Cesaro

Got in the Elite Series 23 Antonio Cesaro Figure, and I must say, this is one of the best Elite scans I’ve ever seen. The headscan is near perfect – it’s like looking at the real dude, scerrrry! They got the bald spot right on, and the ridiculous chest hair to boot! As far as the actual figure goes, it’s super posable like all the other Elite figures (yes, he can do the UFO), and the paint job on the figure I picked up was pretty good – minimal splash/spots. The attire he is in did throw me off a bit, but I suppose that  is because it feels like I have a figure of a man in his tighty whiteys.

The accessories included in the package are both awesome and ho-hum. The flag accessory feels very cheap – sub-dollar store quality. The flag is a sort of vinyl and is pretty banged up right out of the box. The flag pole itself is bent (possibly just my case) from it popping out of its plastic holder thing. The US title on the other hand is pretty damn good (Not pictured – the one in the pic is a Custom Photo/Felt belt with Antonio Cesaro name plate), as are all of Mattel’s belts so far.  A little thick, but I’ll take that over some of the oversized belts produced by Jakk’s anyday.



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